M̗arm̗ar (necklace)

M̗arm̗ar (necklace)

M̗arm̗ar (necklace)
libbukwe / likajjid (cowrie shells)
jab (jān l̗o̗) (hibiscus fiber)
kimej (coconut leaves (new shoot))
ED# 4882
Accessioned February 1962. Gift of Gladys Davis.

M̗arm̗ar in eunōknōk tōrerein kōn jab eo, ej kōkkal̗l̗een ke an ri-tōl ro ilo m̗anit. Ej kōm̗m̗an jān libbukwe im jab eo jān l̗o̗. Rej kōjerbal kūbwe-in-upaaj eo n̄an kakilmeeji jet iaan jab kan̗e. Rej eo̗outi jab kein n̗a to eo ej dāpiji libbukwe ko.

The fringe of this necklace is very decorative, which means it belonged to one of the traditional leaders. It is made from cowrie shells and hibiscus fiber. The ashes from the fire are used to dye some of the fringes. Then the fringes are tied to the main string that the shells are attached to.

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