Deel pā (hand fan)

Deel pā (hand fan)

Deel pā (hand fan)
kimej (coconut leaves (from new shoot))
jab (hibiscus fiber)
ED# 11909

Deel pā in kōn kōjerbale n̄an ijeko rōn̄iln̄il im rōbwil itok jān an itileon̄eon̄ armej. Deel pā epedjaake wōd in bwil in Pacific l̗o̗k n̄an aelōn̄ in Nippon̄. Deel pā in ej kōm̗m̗an jān jubuub in kimej eo ilo juon ni im jab eo em̗ōj kakilmeeje. Jur eo juren ej kōm̗m̗an jān m̗ōttan raan wōjke ko rōkijn̄en̄e em̗ōj l̗ame n̄an jekjek eo ej kōn̗aan.

This hand fan is often used at times when a space is packed with people and the heat is radiated from them. Hand fans are common throughout the Pacific islands and span west to Japan. This hand fan is made from the processed coconut leaves found in the new shoot and the hibiscus fiber. The handle is made from a sturdy branch obtained from the native plants and carved to the desired shape and length.

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